Detailed VPN Reviews

Last updated: 06 December 2021

You Can Trust

VPN means Virtual Private Network. This term applies to all services that provide virtual services. Your real IP address is hidden, and you can visit any sites and services that are blocked in your country. The main advantage of such services is anonymity. Government agencies and internet service providers cannot track your real location. You can choose an IP-address of another country and technically bypass your provider.

Then nobody will be able to charge you anything for visiting blocked sites. Also, a virtual private network allows you to get maximum anonymity and protection. However, it is very important to know which service you can trust. Many companies keep various records and actual information about their users. This is already at odds with claims of absolute anonymity. Then how to find a suitable VPN service? You will find the answer on our website.

How We Rated the Top VPN Services

Our website is designed specifically for ordinary users to choose a reliable VPN service for them and use it every day. We have several parameters by which we are testing various VPN services. Here are some options:

  • Safety & security
  • The number of servers
  • Jurisdiction and Privacy
  • Speed
  • Quality Customer Service
  • Streaming & torrenting

Our goal is to collect the highest quality and most reliable VPN services on one Internet resource. This will save you time and find the best options for your daily use. We pay attention to paid and free features to show users the difference and provide an alternative option for each day.

Jurisdiction and Privacy

The place of company registration has a critical impact on the reliability and privacy of user data. There is a whole list of countries that allows companies not to keep records of personal information about users. If you sign up for such a VPN service, no one will be able to declass your data. Simultaneously, registering a service in the USA or other countries of Ah with the need to disclose user data nullifies the entire VPN service effect. We review each case very carefully to provide you with complete information about such companies.

Security and Encryptions

The overall security level and encryption system also affect how high quality and reliable you can use a particular VPN service. We Test all the nuances and aspects of cybersecurity so that no one can break your VPN profile and find your data. We have a whole list of tests that allows us to identify the security level for each VPN service. We connect to various servers and test a specific scenario to tell you about it.


No matter how secure and reliable VPN service is, it doesn't make sense without proper speed. The territorial location of servers and overall speed is very important for each user. This is true for both commercial and private clients. This parameter affects:

  • The speed of loading pages in the browser
  • The speed of downloading and uploading files
  • General comfort from using the VPN service

We have several scenarios to provide you the results of these measurements. Thanks to that, you can make a personal conclusion about whether it is worth using a specific VPN server.

Quality Customer Service

Even the most reliable VPN service may be in the testing phase or have some technical problems. There is also such a case when a client wants to know a specific question and needs support. That is why we pay attention to the technical support format, online cheats, and various services for communicating with customers.

You can count on the fact that all our recommendations relate to real user cases when we personally Contact technical support and test their responsiveness and the level of professionalism. If we are satisfied with all the criteria, we will write about it and talk about the nuances that you should know.

Why Should I Read These Reviews?

Everything is very simple. Initially, any VPN service will provide you with only positive information and not tell you about the nuances. You get advertising pages that promote the product without real user cases that tell about all the nuances that may lie in wait for the user. Some services are not suitable for certain countries or do not provide free features.

You can also pay money in vain for a whole month of use and will not be able to return it in case of an unforeseen situation. We protect you from any undesirable situation or problems associated with VPN services. Since we personally Test each service, we can give you an expert opinion on various nuances. This gives you several key benefits:

  • Save time
  • Choosing the safest service
  • Comparison of prices and services offered
  • A quick overview of the key points
  • Honesty and impartiality

As a result, you can choose a VPN service that offers a complete application for computers, smartphones, and other gadgets. Saving time and choosing the best service for reasonable money is worth spending a couple of minutes reading our reviews. Even a basic look at the information will help you make the right choice and not waste your money. We value your time. Therefore, we did all the dirty work for you.