ExpressVPN Review

Last updated: 19 June 2021

In a Nutshell

ExpressVPN is one of the popular VPN services. It provides 256-bit AES OpenVPN encryption and one of the fastest connection speeds. The company is registered in the Virgin Islands. The service stores minimal information about its customers. The company has more than 3000 servers worldwide, the option of separate tunneling and anonymous DNS servers. Let's look at all the features and nuances of the service. The company has applications for Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and mobile gadgets.

ExpressVPN Review
The connection Speed

This VPN can offer you not only fast connections, but the fact remains: this VPN is best known for its stunningly fast server network, which includes thousands of servers. It seems to me that it was quite fair to start testing the service from this perspective.

VPN connections to servers of different services are often not fast enough. The reasons for this are different: connection protection is too serious, server congestion with traffic, and so on. To understand the VPN speed check results, you need to know what the connection speed was before connecting to the VPN server.

ExpressVPN Review

First screen shows the actual speed. Second one includes VPN connection. It is a good result, especially against the background of other VPN services that transmit data so slowly that it is almost impossible to work with them. The server network is what makes ExpressVPN a compelling VPN service that provides the fastest connections.

Connection to streaming services

Many people purchase a VPN service subscription to connect to a streaming service. Many sites like Netflix, HBO, Amazon Video, and Disney Plus work correctly with this service. The main parameter is that you will hardly see any buffering or deterioration in playback speed. Most programs start and work correctly. That is the key aspect to use such programs.

ExpressVPN Review

Another plus is that the whistle works correctly with almost any country. You can be in Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, America, and experience regional restrictions. The server will connect you to the nearest access point to reduce the loss of data packets.

Is it good for Torrenting?

ExpressVPN is suitable for torrent fans because P2P traffic is supported on all its servers. Here are the main reasons why:

  • Fast servers and no buffering or lags
  • The service does not limit the speed or bandwidth of the connection
  • It does not keep logs and does not track user actions, protects them from DNS and IP leaks
  • All servers support P2P traffic.

The utility allows you to bypass various regional restrictions and is connected to the distribution of files. It will enable media content, documents, and software. You can connect to existing distribution or create your channels for transmitting P2P traffic

The Security Level

ExpressVPN takes Internet security very seriously and offers DNS and IPv6 leakage protection, separate tunneling, and built-in emergency Network Lock.

ExpressVPN Review

The emergency shutdown function prevents traffic from entering and leaving your device in the event of a disconnected connection, which provides it with additional protection. It is especially true when connected to a public and insecure Wi-Fi access point. It is worth noting that the Network Lock function is currently only available in applications for Windows, macOS, Linux, and routers.

The split tunneling feature will allow you to select sites when you connect to which your traffic will go as usual, without encryption and VPN protection. You can also configure the device to work with reverse split tunneling and receive traffic from some sites only through a VPN. Split tunneling is available in ExpressVPN apps too.

Servers and locations

The company has more than 3,000 servers in 160 countries around the world, a cluster of servers created in such places to provide maximum network coverage. It is worth noting that most of the physical equipment works and maintains a network for each user; only 3% of the server network is allocated to virtual machines.

ExpressVPN Review

It means that your traffic is redirected through a server located in one country, but you get the IP address from the pool of another country. That's because finding servers that meet the high ExpressVPN requirements for speed and security is not simple. Virtual servers allow you to use the IP addresses of any available countries, while you will enjoy high speed and perfect protection of connections. It also doesn't offer static IP addresses.


The VPN service has 256-bit encryption technology. For most users, connecting via OpenVPN will be the best option, since this protocol is devoid of vulnerabilities typical of its predecessors. The only exception is when you use a device that is not compatible with OpenVPN.

However, this VPN also supports many other protocols. It can automatically detect and select the protocol that suits you best if you need it. Thanks to this, data protection technology and encryption of the information allows you to be anonymous on the network and be able to avoid regional blockages.

Does ExpressVPN keep logs?

The company adheres to a strict, no-logs policy. The service does not collect the following data:

  • Personal IP
  • User history
  • Metadata
  • DNS queries.

The company collects diagnostic information about connections to be able to solve technical problems. It is not possible to associate this anonymous data with individual users. It is standard practice for VPN services, allowing them to grow without sacrificing user anonymity.

Free version and technical support

You can use it for free for thirty days when you sign up. Anyone can use all the premium features and then request a refund if the quality of services is not suitable for you. This method was created to understand if the VPN service is suitable for you.

The service has good technical support. Firstly, the service's website contains a lot of excellent materials, including a FAQ section. The site has an online chat for communication with managers. The average response time does not exceed 5 minutes. You can also send emails. This format will provide an answer within two hours. If you are willing to pay for VPN connection, then this service will provide you with an excellent quality service.