Private Internet Access Review

Last updated: 06 December 2021

In a Nutshell

Private Internet Access is a VPN service that was created in 2010 by Kape Technologies. The service is registered in the United States and operates within its jurisdiction. VPN is known for more than 3300 servers in 32 countries. Users can count on support for PPTP, L2tp, IPSec, and OpenVPN. The service supports blocking ads and malicious code. Due to its versatility, it has become popular among geeks and advanced users.

The connection speed

This VPN service positions itself as one of the fastest in the world. For the test, we selected the most remote location for a few thousand kilometers from us. It allowed a relatively honest experiment. The fact is that most of these services work well if the distance to the VPN server does not exceed 500-700 kilometers. In our case, we tested the connection at a distance of 2500 kilometers.

Private Internet Access Review

The download speed has changed slightly. The total loss was 5.85 MB. The upload dropped 11 MB. It is a more substantial result. It is noteworthy that the difference between upload and download when enabling VPN is almost at the level of statistical error. Ping doubled, but 10 ms is still a negligible rate. If your provider initially provides high-speed Internet, then you should have no problems.

Connection to streaming services

Private Internet Access VPN can bypass regional blocking. We tested the serviceability of the service on several popular streaming platforms. We connected to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, and BBC iPlayer. Although these services are actively developing blocking systems, we managed to enter profiles and view regional content.

Private Internet Access Review

Some of the regional Netflix and BBC iPlayer servers in Mexico and Japan were unavailable. Perhaps this is due to a stricter protection system or temporary malfunctions. However, in most cases, residents of Europe, Asia, North, and South America will be able to connect without problems. The company is developing its network of servers, so their number is increasing every month.

Is it good for Torrenting?

The service supports the P2P traffic exchange. It means that you can use this for torrenting. The utility for computers, smartphones, tablets, and other devices freely connects to various channels and allows you to create data distribution. The company specifically optimizes servers so that residents of different countries can use these services. We tested several popular torrenting programs and file-sharing services. All of them worked without failures and allowed to exchange data in a P2P network.

Safety & security

The company claims that Private Internet Access VPN is one of the most secure services. It implements a unique technology of anonymity. The utility can hide the real IP address, configure the firewall, and connect to a secure data channel. It also implements IPv6 and DNS leak protection technology.

Private Internet Access Review

For beginners, the automatic protection mode is suitable. Advanced users can take advantage of additional manual settings for advanced installations. The company has developed an ad-blocking algorithm and malicious code. Also, sites will not be able to track your location and personal data. PIA developers use 128-bit AES encryption and OpenVPN protocol.

It enhances overall protection and anonymity on the network. In addition to this, the VPN application allows the use of UDP and TCP protocols. Users can also activate PPTP and SOCKS5 proxies for greater security.

Technical support and guides

Users can turn to online chat for answers to questions. Managers respond quickly. In general, a detailed response without template messages takes about 2-5 minutes. It is a pretty good indicator. Users can also write a more meaningful message and send it to the company’s email. The average response time does not exceed three hours.

Private Internet Access Review

In addition to this communication format, users can find a section with answers to the most frequently asked questions. There is also a hotel section with instructional videos. They are made in an animated format and allow you to configure various parameters of the VPN service.

Apps & supported OS types

The developers adapted VPN service for various platforms. Computer and laptop users can install applications for Windows, Linux, macOS, Ubuntu, and several other distributions. Also, the utility is available for Android and iOS users. It allows you to use the options for connecting to VPN services where convenient.

Private Internet Access Review

You can also install extensions for browsers and use special firmware for routers and network devices. The company’s website has detailed instructions and guides on how to configure and select servers properly. However, users can use automatic mode to connect to the nearest server. The abundance of options allows you to easily find the most comfortable way to connect to the network.

Does it keep logs?

The company claims to adhere to a zero log policy. Registering a brand in the USA is confusing because all local companies are required to provide user data in the event of investigations or lawsuits. Nevertheless, the company has already twice proven maximum user protection.

In 2015 and 2017, the service refused to provide user data on a government request. The fact is that no information is stored on the servers. Accordingly, the company has nothing to transfer to the police or the FBI.

We cannot confirm this fact, but the fact of publicly distributed information is already interesting. Also, most users can feel safe because law enforcement agencies make requests for specific people or a location, which is in no way connected with other users of the VPN service.

Final words

Private Internet Access has proven itself to be a reliable VPN service that will suit many people worldwide. The company provides access to a large number of servers, supports encryption technology, and does not store logs. Also, you can always get professional tech support. Another plus is ad blocking and incognito mode. It blocks all scripts for collecting information on sites. It allows you to be 99% anonymous and feel safe.