How to watch Netflix with a VPN

Last updated: 27 February 2021

Netflix is ​​a great source of entertainment. The video content database offered by this popular website is impressive. But depending on what country you live in, it varies. The US Netflix servers have the largest TV series library, and residents of other countries are wondering how to watch American Netflix without being in the US. Can this be done? Yes of course! How to watch American Netflix?

  • 1. Download the VPN application to your computer/phone
  • 2. Change your IP
  • 3. Refresh the Netflix page or clear browser data (cookies)
  • 4. Profit
Why can't I watch Netflix?

Netflix works fairly simply and logically. If you live in a given country, you have access only to movies and series that are available in that country. For example, when you are a resident of a prohibited country, you watch video materials that have been published only for your region. When you live in the USA, you watch series intended for the American market.

But why is that so?

As Netflix employees say, it's all about money. People in one country won't always like the same series as people in another. Mexican soap operas will not be as popular in the Netherlands as in Latin American countries. Consequently, it would not make economic sense to pay for programs that are not watched by the citizens of a given country.

But what if we are different from our countrymen and we like, for example, American humor in the popular edition of The Office? Let's not break down, because we can watch this series and not through torrents, but on Netflix itself, and this being within your country.

Netflix Content

As already mentioned, Netflix's offer is different in each country. Let's take a look at the number of productions by selected countries.

  • USA - 6812
  • United Kingdom - 5631
  • RPA - 5132
  • Thailand - 4967
  • Russia - 4792
A way to access Netflix

Bypassing Netflix's regional blockade doesn't have to be difficult. As complicated as it sounds, it is not. If we consider the genesis of this portal, we will come to a thread to a bundle of how to watch the American version of Netflix.

Let's start with how Netflix knows we are now in the UK, England or Germany. The answer is simple, because like all other websites, this website with video materials, gets information about our location from an IP address.

If Netflix recognizes that you have a Russian, UK or German IP address, it automatically displays our native version of the website.

In the same way, Netflix recognizes Americans. An IP that comes from the US is tantamount to being able to show off US video resources. And what if you let Netflix raspberries and change the IP to the American one, thanks to which we will watch all the cult productions.

This is exactly what it is about. To watch American or any other Netflix version, we need to change the IP address from your to one from the USA. This way, Netflix will think we are in the US and will provide us with a wide range of content.

Method for changing the IP address

We don't need any advanced skills to change the IP address. It works in such a way that you download a simple application to your phone or computer, run it, select the country IP address you need from the list and basically that's it. The VPN program will not only change your IP address, but also encrypt your internet connection, thanks to which you will significantly increase your online protection.

There are a few more methods to change your IP, but if you want to unblock Netflix, only the VPN that is best optimized for this is an option.

And which VPN program to choose for Netflix?

There are many VPN programs, so you can be confused. But before you read which specific VPN program to choose, you should know that there are 2 types of VPNs - free and paid.

And it is not worth bothering with them. True, they change the IP address, but when it comes to connecting to Netflix, the website's security detects that you are using a VPN, thereby showing you the screen that there was an error. Besides, free VPNs slow down the internet a lot and can make life much more difficult. That is why we recommend paid, but not necessarily expensive solutions. The VPN you pay for

What WPN software to choose?

There are many good VPN services out there. They have a number of differences and certain nuances, but most paid VPNs do a good job with the task. Here is a list:

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • Surfshark
  • CyberGhost
  • PrivateVPN
  • Hotspot Shield
How to unblock US Netflix step by step

It's time for a more detailed, though simple, instruction on how to change your IP addresses and watches Netflix.

  • 1. Go to the website with the VPN
  • 2. Now choose a pricing plan. You can change the currency, although the payment will still be charged in dollars. The 24-month version is the most profitable, although of course choose according to your preferences
  • 3. Next, we enter the e-mail address to create an account, skip the optional third point and choose the payment method. The fastest way is with a payment card
  • 4. If everything went well, you will be able to set a password. Write them down or remember to log in later
  • 5. Now download your VPN to your device and install it as standard, then log in. The program will start
  • 6. Click on one of the IP locations. You just changed your IP address. Now restart your browser and go to Netflix
Will Netflix block me for this account?

Netflix is ​​well aware that its customers use VPN services to gain access to blocked productions. Is Netflix doing anything about it? The website is constantly fighting against VPNs. It seems to have won the war against free VPNs because Netflix doesn't recognize it for a long time.

Paid VPNs invest heavily in ensuring their servers are able to bypass Netflix technologies, as they know the lion's share of their customers use a Netflix-only VPN. And although this movie giant occasionally blocks premium VPNs' IP addresses, they still unblock Netflix with around 80% success.

When it comes to users, Netflix probably doesn't ban them. Let's think about common sense here. Let's assume that 200,000 people use a VPN, and each pays an average of $20 a month for a subscription. The company would lose about $4 million a month. Such a move would hardly be very profitable.

However, this does not mean that no one is banned. In most cases, when Netflix recognizes the VPN, we'll get an error and we'll have to change servers. All in all, VPN can be legally used for Netflix, and you can read more about it here.


If you've been wondering how to watch American Netflix so far, we hope we helped you find the answer. Test one of your VPN apps from the list or another program and see that watching Netflix is completely possible. You can use these programs on any device, and watching the series will be very comfortable due to the fast servers.