NordVPN Review

Last updated: 19 June 2021

In a Nutshell

NordVPN is a VPN service that was created in 2012. The company is registered in Panama and adheres to zero log policy. It means that management does not pass on customer data and their keys to third parties. The service owns an extensive infrastructure of more than five thousand servers in 61 countries of the world. They are positioned to provide maximum coverage. Users can rely on 256-bit encryption, mobile versions, and browser extensions. Let's look at VPN services in more detail.

The connection Speed

Even the most strong blocking bypass system in the world will not help if your VPN service has slow and unstable connections. Therefore, it is important to know in advance how things are with this service of your choice.

For the first test, we used the Quick connect function, which automatically selects a server to connect that can provide the highest speed for a user from the corresponding region:

NordVPN Review

Ping increased slightly. You can also see an increase in download speed and a slight decrease in upload performance. The drop in the speed of downloading files from the server is negligible, and the speed can be high.

It is quite worthwhile, especially when you consider that the tested server was thousands of kilometers away. Any VPN service will slow down your connection to one degree or another. And NordVPN is no exception. It's just that the difference will be a little less. Our tests have shown that this is a reliable service offering access to fast and stable servers. Even if you are not a fan of automatic connections, you can easily find a fast server.

Connection to streaming services

Many fans should be aware of denied access to Netflix servers due to a proxy connection. It is a problem with many VPN services. Fortunately, NordVPN is not among them. The service performed flawlessly well when working with Netflix content libraries in the USA, Britain, Canada, and other countries. And this is a huge advantage because many other VPN services are usually able to provide access to only 1-2 regional content libraries Netflix.

NordVPN Review

All NordVPN servers support SmartPlay mode. With it, you will bypass geographical restrictions. It turns on automatically, so you don't have to configure anything. It will be enough to connect to the server. In the FAQ section, you will find instructions and tips on choosing servers for Netflix and other popular platforms: Hulu, BBC, Amazon Prime Video.

Is it good for Torrenting?

NordVPN has servers explicitly configured for working with P2P traffic. You can find them in the side menu of the application. NordVPN has more than 4,600 servers in 46 countries, specially configured for working with torrents. You can quickly find the best P2P server directly through the VPN application, or use the convenient function on the service website that recommends the best servers to users.

The service also offers its customers SOCKS5 proxies. You can connect your torrent application through such a proxy and get a higher connection speed. SOCKS5 proxy does not provide complete protection (for example, encryption), but it still provides users with additional protection for safe and confidential torrent work. The service offers P2P support and many different functions necessary for safe and quiet work with torrents.

The Security Level

NordVPN is officially registered in Panama. In terms of confidentiality, this is a huge plus because there are no laws requiring Internet companies to store user data in Panama. NordVPN does not obey such laws, which makes the service one of the few that adhere to a truly zero-log policy.

NordVPN Review

The service only stores your email address and payment information if you sign up traditionally. But that's what all VPN services do. To avoid this, you can use a separate email address and pay for the cryptocurrency subscription.

Servers and their locations

The general VPN service network covers more than 5300 servers in 61 countries around the world. The site has a division of several by continent and the opportunity to get acquainted with additional services.

NordVPN Review

The largest cluster of access points is located in North America, Europe, and Asia. Users can manually select the nearest service or use the auto-detect service of the best connection. Most connection points are autonomous and able to withstand the increased load.


The service uses AES-256-CBC encryption and the OpenVPN protocol. It is enough for anonymous viewing of content, downloading files, and communicating on the Internet. Mac and iOS users will be able to use AES-256-CGM encryption and IKEv2/IPSec protocol. NordVPN also implemented support for forwarding secrecy; that is, unique encryption keys are used for each session.

As for other VPN protocols, not so long ago, the company stopped supporting PPTP, SSTP, and IPSec. You are unlikely to need anything other than OpenVPN and IKev2/IPSec, but diversity is more a plus than a minus. The level of encryption is sufficient for the average user. You can use websites incognito and not leave personal data on third-party services.

Free version

NordVPN does not have a free trial, but there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can cancel your subscription at any time during the free trial period and get all your money back. But remember, a 30-day money-back guarantee does not apply to purchases made on the Apple App Store or from authorized resellers. In such cases, you must contact the place where you purchased for a refund.

Technical support

The company has an online chat 24/7 and a ticket system, a detailed knowledge base, and additional information on payment, connections, and other issues. The site also has a short section with frequently asked questions, available by clicking on the button in the lower right of the Contact Us page.

NordVPN Review

Technical support in the chat solves the most common issues. You should also contact if you have a more complex problem. The service is suitable for ordinary Internet users and people who need maximum privacy and protection on the network.