Surfshark Review

Last updated: 06 December 2021

In a Nutshell

Surfshark is a VPN service developed by Surfshark Ltd. in 2018. The brand is registered in the British Virgin Islands. This area is very loyal to personal data and allows companies to be as anonymous as possible. The company has more than 1700 servers in 63 countries around the world. Users can rely on zero logs policy, private DNS for each server, and access to peer-to-peer networks. Let's take a closer look at this service.

How fast is it?

Surfshark claims to offer "super-fast speed." We tested the main servers to get an idea of ​​how fast they are. Our base speed without using a VPN was 300 Mbps. Using the neighboring servers, we got an average of 200 Mbps, while when switching to more remote servers in the Singapore - 190-200.46 Mbps.

Surfshark Review

At the opposite point in the world, in Australia and New Zealand, we recorded 165-200 Mbit/s. It' excellent, but we will continue to test them, as Surfshark is constantly expanding its customer base. Since Surfshark is still a newbie, its servers are not yet overloaded with too many users. It contributes to their impressive connection speeds.

Surfshark Review

Currently, they work faster in almost any country that we tested than other VPN services. This speed is due to the lack of congestion on the servers. It helped us get these results. Also, our provider provides good packages of unlimited Internet with minimal ping.


Thanks to the CleanWeb function, you will be provided with reliable ad blocking, which allows you to block all ads, and trackers. The company is actively developing user safety. It is one of the priority areas after the number of servers. New protection technologies avoid data leaks and protect all users equally. The provider also offers 256-bit encryption and dual VPN. Thus, you can encrypt your data on two or more servers, which will increase your security.

Surfshark Review

An automatic kill switch ensures that your online activity is not prone to sudden connection failures. Besides, their anonymous DNS provides the ability to use individual DNS on each server, leaving virtually no chance for someone to monitor your activities. The company also protects your data with secure encryption protocols.

Does it keep logs?

The company claims that it does not store private information about its customers. The only data is email addresses and billing information. It is standard practice for most of these services. Users get the most affordable level of anonymity online. The Virgin Islands laws are very loyal to VPN services so that no one can get your data. The service does not store them.

Streaming options

You have to pay tribute to Surfshark for their bold stance on Netflix. They do not make any vague statements without specific obligations. From the very beginning, they promise that you can unblock Netflix US, and this is one of their main functions. This VPN also makes it easy to stream Hulu and BBC iPlayer broadcasts. When testing streaming quality, we did not experience a sudden drop in connection speed or slowdown.

Surfshark Review

Surfshark is still a relatively new VPN, and until recently, the company was not under Netflix's steadfast radar. Of course, everything can change, as they will certainly gain popularity in the future. The company optimizes its servers to avoid blocking and provide the best services. We connected to most services without buffering and disconnection. It is a good indicator.


The company claims that its servers are optimized for P2P file transfer. During the test, we were able to connect to file distributions, create our streams, and got good results. The connection did not break, and the file transfer speed was stable. The service works at the level of more famous analogs. Surfshark servers are not yet overloaded due to many clients, so you can choose almost any of them to gain access to the necessary information. We highly appreciated this feature.

User support

Our experience with the support team was pleasant and trustworthy. The service staff was responded promptly and provided useful answers to all our questions. If you encounter any problems with the service, you have several options for how to contact them.

Surfshark Review

You can find answers to your questions in the setup guides, troubleshooting guides, in the frequently asked questions section, or on the tariff information page. Users can contact them directly via email or live chat. There is also a VPN Learning Center on their website where you can learn all about the basics of VPN.

Does it have a free version?

The company does not have a completely free version for all users. It is argued by the fact that providing maximum speed and protection for each user is impossible without financial support. Each client can choose three tariff plans and take advantage of a free monthly period with the possibility of a refund.

Surfshark Review

The company took such a step for those who may have difficulty connecting the service or will be dissatisfied with it for any reason. You can purchase one of the tariffs using bank cards, electronic wallets, or cryptocurrency.

The Conclusion

All in all, we think Surfshark is the best VPN you've never heard of. In the first year, they managed to create an impressive set of premium features comparable to those that their competitors could create in at least five years! The security they provide, the level of streaming, and supports are comparable to some of the best-known VPNs. Since they are new and just building their brand, Surfshark cannot afford to make mistakes, such as slow servers in third world countries. Now seems like the perfect time to start using Surfshark.