SaferVPN Review

Last updated: 06 December 2021

In a Nutshell

SaferVPN is a VPN service developed by Safer Social Ltd. in 2013. The company is registered in the USA and has more than 1300 servers in 50+ countries worldwide. The company adheres to no logs policy and has traffic encryption technology. This helps protect customers. VPN service supports security protocols and the option of a reliable Wi-Fi connection. Let's look at all the features of a VPN in more detail.

The connection speed

One of the most important criteria for a VPN service is the speed of connection to the servers. The comfort of using various websites depends on this. We tested this metric on a remote server. The difference in distance was about 1,500 kilometers. The original ping was 8, and the download speed was 87 Mbps. The upload speed was 81.78 Mbps. When we connected to the server, we received 17 pings, 78.81 download speed, and 70.27 Mbps upload speed.

SaferVPN Review

This is a good indicator of VPN service. The advantage of the company is that users have the opportunity to choose among 1300 servers. They are not very busy yet, so the connection speed is practically not reduced. Choosing the closest server to your country, you will get even more positive results.

Is it good for streaming?

Connecting to streaming services is one of the main tests for VPN service. Many streaming platforms have learned to recognize such software. In the case of SaferVPN, we were pleasantly surprised. The service works stably with most modern websites with video content.

SaferVPN Review

We connected to Netflix without any problems and even tried four regional servers. Videos downloaded quickly and without buffering — the same situation with other websites. Amazon Prime, HBO, Hulu, and other websites open without problems. This is a definite plus for the company.

Is it good for torrenting?

We also tested this option and were satisfied. This VPN copes well with P2P traffic. Most torrent sites and the file upload process go without restrictions. Of course, the speed of loading and unloading will decrease slightly. But these are non-critical traffic losses. In general, SaferVPN torrenting is comfortable enough for everyday use. This is suitable for that user who often downloads data or creates torrent file uploads.

Does it keep logs?

The company adheres to no logs policy. Also, you do not need to register an account to access the VPN service. The only data that the company collects is the connection time and the amount of data transferred. The service does not store payment data or customer email addresses. In this regard, the company shows a truly loyal policy and a desire for anonymity for each client.

Security options

VPN service devotes a lot of time to the issues of personal protection of users. Not so long ago, the company introduced 256-bit encryption technology. Users can also rely on the IKEv2, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPSec protocols.

SaferVPN Review

Another protective option is the kill switch, which helps to remain anonymous even with a temporary loss of connection. Another option concerns public wireless networks. The company has automatic protection for Wi-Fi connections. In general, the service is sufficiently protected for the average user.

Apps & user support

We are impressed by the number of options for connecting to the company's VPN servers. Laptop and computer users can use browser extensions or download the Windows/Mac app. There are also applications for smartphones and tablets. Users can count on five simultaneous connections. When downloading software to the router, you can make an unlimited number of connections.

SaferVPN Review

Technical support is implemented in the format of live chat on the site and email. The first option involves real-time responses. The average manager readiness time is about two minutes. Replies to emails come within 5-12 hours. This is a good result. We liked the professionalism of technical support and the willingness to solve our problems. The first line of technical advice is professional enough to solve about 80% of all user problems. If the question is beyond their competence, then you will be connected to the technical department for more detailed communication.

Free version

Unfortunately, the company does not provide a completely free version for computers and mobile devices. You can use the extension for Chrome for free. It has a limit on the speed and number of servers. The company also provides a thirty-day period during which you can return the money. It was done to compensate for the costs of customers in the event of the provision of improper service. To obtain a refund, you must contact technical support.

FAQ and knowledge base

The company strives to make VPN services available to each user. That is why a knowledge base has been created. Here are training materials that will help solve many problems. The company has a separate blog dedicated to crypto security, security technologies, and other innovations in the IT field.

SaferVPN Review

All customers can get free access to the FAQ and get answers to the most popular question. In general, the service is user friendly enough and does not cause difficulties in the process of use.

Final words

SaferVPN seems to us a reliable enough service for everyday use. Its security algorithms are strong enough to ensure the personal safety of each client. We liked the zero-log policy and the inability to track users on the network. Encryption technology and security protocols also deserve attention.

All the servers to which we connected worked correctly. We tested streaming and torrenting options. This VPN perfectly coped with both tasks. Wireless security will be a great addition for users of mobile devices and public Wi-Fi networks. The pricing policy of the service corresponds to competitors and does not exceed the psychological mark of comfort. All in all, this is a good solution for everyday security.