SafeLine VPN Review

Last updated: 19 June 2021

In a Nutshell

SafeLine VPN is a reliable VPN service suitable for iOS and Mac users and is currently one of the most promising options for overcoming regional blocking of local providers and various organizational structures. The company offers strong encryption algorithms and fast connection speeds to various servers around the world. You can count on maximum anonymity and comfortable 24/7 technical support. Let’s take a look at all the benefits of this service.

Servers and unblocking sites

The company offers a large number of servers that are concentrated in Europe and around the world. Thanks to this, you get a stable internet connection that allows you to connect with minimal high-speed losses. In total, the company has 25 servers that are evenly distributed over a large area, which ensures stable coverage and minimizes speed drops.

SafeLine VPN Review

We connect to any of the VPN servers. Any user can get the opportunity to bypass the regional blocking. In particular, we tested various streaming services, websites with files and data and many information portals that may be blocked in certain countries. it is worth noting that this vpn service coped with most of the tasks

Streaming and torrenting

By overcoming regional restrictions, you can watch movies and TV series on Netflix and other streaming platforms. It is worth noting that the overall flow rate in Full HD format did not change and we did not notice any artifacts. This is a good indicator for a VPN service like this. You can also exchange torrent files, download various programs and other types of content. VPN Server allows you to connect to any tips without losing traffic and download large amounts of data.

SafeLine VPN Review
Overall speed

We tested our internet connection at 100 megabits per second. After activating the VPN connection with the most distant server, we received about 86 megabits per second. The overall Pink dropped from 7 to 12 milliseconds. This is not particularly critical and should not affect your experience of using the Internet resources. In general, the vpn service quickly switches between servers to provide you with stable support and an Internet channel without significant traffic squats.

SafeLine VPN Review
User protection

The VPN service uses 256Bit encryption technology as well as several algorithms to encrypt data. Also, the company does not record user activity logs so no one can access your confidential information. Servers store only data about the time of transactions and payment for services. This information is not enough to identify you or harm your personality in any way. The general protection algorithm blocks third-party connection, so you can solely use the traffic channel allocated for you.

SafeLine VPN Review
Does this VPN store logs?

As we said earlier, the company does not engage in such activities. Anyone who somehow manages to hack the servers of this VPN service will not see anything except the time of the transactions. This is the main tenet of the company which it has been adhering to for a long time. Each user is reliably protected. Thanks to this, no one can compromise your data. This is enough to safely use the VPN service on your computer or smartphone.

Final words

This vpn service has shown significant protection for each user and the ability to connect to secure storage. Thanks to this, you can use different vpn servers and connect to the region you want. We want to note the maximum protection and the ability to switch between different types of data. It is also a good service to download your favorite movies and TV series from the Internet.